Volunteers on this app offer the use of their eyes to blind people

Everyday challenges like checking the expiry date on milk or reading a bill can be incredibly difficult for blind people.

However, a new app from a Danish design team is hoping to change this. BeMyEyes connects blind people with sighted volunteers through a live video feed so they can read or look at what the blind person cannot see and help them solve the problem.

When someone needs help a number of volunteers are notified. There's no obligation to answer the call and if it is rejected then more volunteers will be notified until a match is found.

Speaking to Mashable, BeMyEyes founder Hans Wiberg, who is also visually impaired, said: "The really important thing about this app is the blind person gets the opportunity to get help without 'asking', so to speak."

When you ask your neighbour, you can do that once or twice a day, but if you ask your neighbour three times a day he might get a little reluctant to help you.

But with this app you can ask 10 times a day because you are absolutely sure the person who answers is more than willing to help you.

  • Hans Wiberg
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