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How to make your own Wes Anderson AI images

How to make your own Wes Anderson AI images
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AI is taking over the world whether we like it or not, and it’s bringing with it some great tools for procrastinating along the way.

We’ve had chat boxes capable of writing inspired short stories already this year, and now we’ve got an AI art generator which is leaving major Hollywood directors astounded.

AI tools Midjourney first came to most people’s attention after it was hyped by Avengers directors Anthony and Joseph Russo.

The pair are known for their work on the massively popular Marvel movies – but they’ve been using the tool to imagine what the films would have looked like if they’d been helmed by Wes Anderson instead.

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The pair shared a few of the results created on Midjourney via user @digiguru with their followers, and they’re very impressive.

There’s a retro take on Iron Man which looks like it was created back in the 60s, as well as what looks like a 40s style take on Black Panther and a Cold War-era Ant-Man.

It’s all very cool stuff, and movie buffs can create their own takes using the Midjourney AI bot too.

How to make your own Wes Anderson AI images

To make your own Wes Anderson-inspired images, or anything at all, what you need to do is sign up to Midjourney for free.

You need a Discord login first, but once you have a free login for that you’re good to go. Simply head to the Midjourney and select “join the beta” – where you’ll receive a Discord invite.

Accept the invite and then choose the ship icon on the menu. Then, select a newcomer room. These usually have names like “newbies-1”, and any can be selected.

Once you’re in the room, you can begin making art. All you have to do is prompt the AI bot by typing the word “/imagine”, before typing out your description of the image and pressing enter. Being specific helps the bot to generate more accurate images.

It usually takes a few seconds to generate the images based on your prompts. Once it’s done, you can either press “U” which will make a particular image in a larger version. Pressing “V” will generate an all-new image based on the present image that you choose.

You can then create up to around 25 free images this way before you need to upgrade to a paid account.

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