Bend tests are just so last year. The hottest new trend when it comes to evaluating smartphones is putting them in boiling water.

TechRax, a YouTube channel dedicated to putting gadgets through extreme stress tests, decided to put the new Samsung Galaxy S6 through its paces alongside an iPhone 6.

Within ten seconds the iPhone 6 appears to completely shut down, while after around a minute the Galaxy S6 comes up with a message warning that the phone is overheating so four apps have had to be closed.

Amazingly, after a cold water rinse the iPhone 6 shows some life in the form of a dimly-lit Apple logo.

As the video points out, neither device is waterproof, so it was a pretty doomed exercise from the start.

Moreover, you really have to wonder what is even going on these days. What a time to be alive etc.

Watch the video below:

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