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What type of drunk are you? Take the test and find out

What type of drunk are you? Take the test and find out

Is there such a thing as a type of drunk? According to a study from the brilliantly named Rachel Winograd, published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Theory, the short answer is 'yes' – or at least there is among university students.

Winograd and her colleagues asked 374 students to complete a personality test twice – once based on how they behave normally and the other based on how they act when drunk.

From their answers, the researchers identified four types of drinker. See which one you are by completing the test, and read more about the study below.

Around 40 per cent of students were 'Hemingways' – so called because like Ernest Hemingway, who was apparently unaffected by alcohol, drinking has less of an effect on them.

Those who become highly extroverted when drunk but are shyer when sober were dubbed 'Nutty Professors', and the 15 per cent of students who were just as agreeable when drunk and sober were labelled 'Mary Poppinses', after the nanny. The 'Mr Hydes' were those who were less intelligent and conscientious when drunk. They made up 23 per cent of the students and had a higher proportion of women than men.

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