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Key editorial staff and contacts


US Editor Indy100: Dave Maclean (dave.maclean@indy100.com)

UK Editor Indy100: Greg Evans (greg.evans@indy100.com)

The Independent

Managing Director: Christian Broughton

Editor in chief: Geordie Grieg

Strategy projects editor: Philippa Jenkins

Executive Editor: Chloe Hubbard

Managing Editor: Richard Best (managingeditor@independent.co.uk)

Personal email addresses follow this format: firstname.lastname@indy100.com

Customer services

For general queries and questions about The Independent and our web/app services please visit our Customer Services Helpdesk in the first instance or call 0203 615 2990. Please note, complaints about editorial material (ie articles, images and other journalistic content) should be made via the Complaint Form.

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Commercial contacts

Chief Digital Revenue Officer: Andrew Morley (020 3615 2783)

Chief Data Officer: Jo Holdaway (020 3615 4484)

Director, Syndication and Licensing Partnerships: Sophie Hanbury (020 3615 0894)

Chief Executive Officer, IDNML: Zach Leonard (020 3615 2201)

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