A local newspaper wrote a brilliant, scathing review of Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Grimsby'

Don't look now Sacha Baron-Cohen, your latest film has been absolutely slayed by the Leicester Mercury.

Baron-Cohen's Grimsby opened last week in the UK and has been the subject of much controversy for its 'satirical' portrayal of working class England.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics, especially those local to the titular location.

The Leicester Mercury, (nearly 100 miles away from the east coast town), however, has produced possibly the most savage of reviews for their print edition, nailing the film in one sentence.

Picture: Leicester Mercury

In which the privately-schooled, Oxbridge-educated multimillionaire Sacha Baron Cohen invites us to laugh at his latest creation: a bloke with no job and 11 kids.


There's an even more piercing, longer review on the publication's website.

The Grimsby Telegraph, in the same group as the Leicester Mercury, very much approved of the review, lauding it as the "best review of Sacha Baron Cohen's film".

The film will see its US release as The Brothers Grimsby on 11 March, following a poor debut of £1.93m box office takings in the UK - who knows, maybe the US will like it more?

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