Doncaster Council are trolling Adele for ‘littering’ in her new music video

After six years away, Adele returned last week with her eagerly anticipated new song Easy on Me and it’s fair to say everyone was ecstatic. Well, everyone except Doncaster Council.

The video sees the 33-year-old songstress delivers a typically stunning vocal performance on the track which features a video of her packing up all her belongings into a car and speeding down a country back road.

Trust us, it’s a lot more glamorous than it sounds.

However, an eagle-eyed social media employee at Doncaster Council spotted something wrong with the video – littering. Yeah, you can’t even trust a beloved British icon like Adele to abide by the rules as a few sheets of paper clearly get blown out of the vehicle and it doesn’t look like she stopped to pick them back up.

Tweeting their dismay at this flagrant ignorance of littering rules, Doncaster Council said: “Unfortunately, as Adele’s video was clearly filmed within the confines of Doncaster metropolitan borough, she will be issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering immediately. Despite repeated requests, we will not be going easy on her.“

As a compromise, Doncaster Council suggested that Adele let them use this black and white close up of her eyes in the video in the anti-fly tipping sign, which might not have the desired effect but would be a great coup for the council.

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That being said, there might be a problem with Doncaster Council’s grievance.

The video for Easy on Me wasn’t filmed in Doncaster. It was reportedly filmed last month in Canada by acclaimed indie filmmaker Xavier Dolan.

The council did seem to recognise this mistake once it was pointed out to them but did add that they might pull up Adele on “the illegal importing of a motor vehicle.”

Adele has yet to respond to the charges being issued to her by Doncaster Council which led to them quipping “should we just keep Chasing Payment?” An exceptional pun, in our humble opinion.

Good luck with that Doncaster. We’re sure Adele should be able to cough up the payment soon and hopefully before she gets distracted by the attention that her new album 30 will bring, which is due for release on 19th November.

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