Two of the UK’s biggest stars, Adele and Ed Sheeran, are set to release their albums within weeks of each other, but Adele isn’t worried.

Adele’s new album, 30, will be released on 19 November — just weeks after Sheeran releases Equals on 29 October.

News of Adele’s new album has been met with much fanfare as it’s the first album from the Rolling in the Deep singer in six years.

After teasing fans with a snippet of her new song Easy on Me earlier this week, the song immediately became a fan-favourite upon its release.

Despite Sheeran’s album coming out just weeks before hers, Adele is unfazed.

While speaking to Heart radio, host Jamie Theakston revealed to Adele that Sheeran has an album “coming out at the same time”.

Taken aback, Adele asked: “On the 19th?”

Theakston said: “Well not on the 19th, no, don’t panic.”

Adele laughed: “I ain’t panicking, he can panic”.

Theakston and co-host Amanda Holden giggled along, before Holden added: “She’s going to smash it.”

In a separate interview with Zoe Ball, Adele said the album was “bloody hard work” to make.

“I would sing things I didn’t even realise I was feeling or thinking,” she said.

“I can’t unlock a door for my mental health and take the key with me; I’ve got to leave it in the door for everyone else and I’m in a strong place now where I feel like I can put that vulnerability out.”

Ball replied: “Just you sharing a bit about the experience that you’ve been through will help so many other people.”

Adele said: “I hope so.”

It seems Adele will have competition given Sheeran has dominated the charts since releasing Bad Habits and Shivers.

Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, Sheeran urged fans to support Elton John’s collaboration with Dua Lipa to get it to number one.

If their hit Cold Heart makes it to the top spot, it will be the Tiny Dancer singer’s first number one in 20 years.

Sheeran wrote: “Please go buy/stream/download Cold Heart with @dualipa now, 15 weeks at #1 was more than I ever expected anyway, love you all. Who doesn’t wanna be knocked off by Elton anyway.”

Regardless of what Adele, Sheeran, or Elton release — we’re pretty much guaranteed to love it.

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