Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' has already re-entered the charts

Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' has already re-entered the charts
Mariah Carey Has Officially Defrosted | Aztrosist Meme Reviews - Know Your Meme / VideoElephant

It may only be September with 112 days to go until Christmas – but it seems Mariah Carey is defrosting early, with 'All I Want For Christmas' sneaking its way into the charts.

A fan page on X/Twitter highlighted some stats that claimed the hit single received 316,000 Spotify streams on 1 September – a 75 per cent increase "compared to the same day in 2022".

Carey soon responded to the tweet, passionately writing: "Not yet!!!!"

She continued: "I'll allow it for my Filipino lambs though! (I don't make the rules!)

The star was referencing the Philippines tradition in which Christmas starts as soon as the year hits the 'BER' months (September, October, November, and December.)

"Every year, from the 1st of September, decorations will be put up around the country and the festivities will begin. You'll even start to hear Christmas songs in all the malls, restaurants and on the radio," Travel Continuously explained.

Eager fans flooded Carey's tweet, with one writing: "This is my alarm song every day of the year. Say something!"

"She’s the mother of Christmas," another added, while a third shared: "We haven't even celebrated HALLOWEEN yet, people!! Slow down before we get to Mariah Carey Season."

The 1994 single may be a hit solely for Christmas, but it is estimated to bring in around $2.5million every single yea $2.5million every single year.

In fact, by 2016 it's thought that Mariah Carey had earned around $60million from the song - a figure set to be even higher now.

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