American Sniper didn't win big at the Oscars and some people can't handle it

American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper as US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, has grossed over $300m at the box office.

While American Sniper won an Oscar for best sound editing, it did not win the Oscar for best film - and for some patriotic 'Muricans, that just wasn't enough.

We're looking at you, Sean Hannity:

We're looking at you, Donald Trump:

How dare those gosh darn liberals at the Academy choose Birdman instead?!

For some, it was even worse than when Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize.

These arguments would be more convincing if it weren't for the fact that Barbie Girl by Aqua sold 1.8 million copies #numberscanlie.

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