BBC Breakfast hosts go ‘doolally’ after their clock stopped working

BBC Breakfast hosts go ‘doolally’ after their clock stopped working

BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker has joked that problems with the show’s on-screen clock that usually appears on everyone’s television had “sent us all a bit doolally”.

The show resorted to placing analogue and digital clocks on the sofa in between hosts Walker and Louise Minchin after the clock that usually appears in the corner of the screen malfunctioned.

Minchin joked: “We’re still fiddling with the clocks here. It’s taken us nearly two hours.

“We’ve gone kind of old-style and new-style and you can have the vote at home which one would you like us to keep for the rest of the programme until we actually fix the clock.”

Walker added: “It’s just a case of what you like really. But I think the BBC Breakfast official clock is dead for today.”

Things took a bizarre turn after the analogue clock was digitally enlarged and superimposed over Minchin’s legs, with Walker realising that if he waved in front of the real clock, his hand would appear on the other side of the screen in front of the digital one.

He said: “Our director Gareth is very proud of this, he’s managed to superimpose the analogue clock on Louise’s knees.”

As he waved his hand around and saw it over Minchin’s knees, he said: “Oh this is weird.

“Sorry, the fact we have lost our clock has sent us all a bit doolally.”

Minchin replied: “All of us?”

Viewers weren’t quite sure what to make of it either.

“We are trying our best,” Walker later added on Twitter.

All we can hope is that the fault is sorted out by tomorrow as we’re not sure they’ve got time for this...

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