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Despite what you might have heard in the past, some opinions are objectively, unequivocally wrong.

Earlier this week, the New York Post stumbled upon an example, published under the title: 'Everything Britney did, Taylor did better.'

Despite the fact that this is undeniably a bold claim, the article offers little in the way of evidence and also commits the enormous injustice of downplaying Britney's so-bad-it's-really-great cult cinema classic, Crossroads.

Naturally, people were quick to jump to Britney's defence on social media.

But others spotted the real problem – namely that men are rarely pitted against each other in the same way that women are, especially in the music industry.

Countless women have spoken out about being consistently scrutinised and subjected to often pointless comparisons, and Twitter users weren't oblivious to this article's contribution to that tired, misogynistic narrative.

The lessons to be learned are simple: don't compare women to each other for the sake of it and, if you do, don't ever try to disrespect Britney.

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