Right-wing writer asks why black people didn't champion Catwoman and gets an amazing response

Who remembers the 2004 Catwoman movie? Yeah, the awful one starring Halle Berry as the leather-clad cat thief.

The movie had almost nothing to do with the infamous anti-hero from various Batman stories and was widely panned by fans and critics alike.

Derivative in its depiction of women and void of any tension or genuine excitement the movie was a huge flop and is regarded as one of the worst films of all-time.

It is for those reasons that the movie isn't fondly remembered.

However, right-wing conservative journalist DC McAllister has refreshed everyone's memories of the film by asking why it wasn't championed as a moment of cultural significance. After all, it was one of the first superhero movies to cast a black woman at the lead role.

Her comments came after Michelle Obama tweeted praise for the latest Marvel movie Black Panther, which has been widely celebrated for championing black and African culture.

An unfortunate trend has developed in certain quarters of the internet where people have accused Black Panther of racism, with people even spreading fake stories of violence towards white people at screenings of the movie.

DC McAllister's tweet is another example of anti-Black Panther sentiment, but one person managed to shut down her argument with just one tweet.

John Rogers was one of the screenwriters on Catwoman and felt the need to point out that the film wasn't celebrated at the time because everyone, even him, realised it was terrible.

On top of this, Rogers also revealed that he has never watched the movie in one sitting and even skipped the premiere to work on another film.

People loved Rogers message.

McAllister has posted a response but we think the debate was settled by Rogers.

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