Chester Bennington's anti-Trump posts resurface after Linkin Park stop Trump using their songs
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People are sharing an old Chester Bennington tweet slamming Donald Trump on the third anniversary of the Linkin Park singer's death.

The tweet resurfaced shortly after Trump was met with backlash for retweeting a campaign video featuring the Linkin Park song 'In the End'.

Bennington tweeted that the prospect of a Trump presidency was a "greater threat than terrorism" in 2015.

Bennington died on 20 July 2017 by suicide, aged 41.

His former band distanced themselves from Trump, saying they do not "endorse" him and that they had issued a cease and desist after their music was used in the video.

The band's action against the tweet was ultimately successful. The video, which was shared by the White House's deputy chief of staff for communications Dan Scavino, was removed from Twitter on copyright grounds.

The original video featured clips of Trump's inauguration speech with 'In the End' playing in the background.

It also contained images of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the Hollywood sign, with these being labelled the 'establishment' that a Trump presidency would takedown.

Fans are praising Linkin Park for taking action against the video.

Removing the video is the latest of Twitter's actions taken in an attempt to regulate the material Trump and his team posts online. Twitter have begun removing copyrighted material and flagging false information shared by the president. Their decisive action has helped to uphold the legacy Chester Bennington clearly wanted to leave behind as a staunch opponent of Trump and his presidency.

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