Chris Evans accused of hypocrisy for ‘tone deaf’ comments on Capitol riots

Chris Evans accused of hypocrisy for ‘tone deaf’ comments on Capitol riots

Chris Evans has never been afraid to speak out about politics as one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump, and he was one of many who lambasted the Capitol riots earlier this week.

The Captain America star shared a series of tweets in response to the events that occurred. “I’m speechless,” he said in his first tweet. “Just think of the carnage had they not been white,” he added, in reference to the stark difference in how the police treated the protestors compared to the Black and brown people who peacefully stood up against police brutality over the summer.

But it was his final tweet that caused a stir: “So many people enabled this.” Of course, he’s not wrong – from Republicans to white supremacists, so many individuals and organisations are responsible for pushing the president’s rhetoric to such a deadly extreme. But many took issue with the fact that Evans’ tweet suggests that he’s not also culpable.

As several pointed out, Evans has taken numerous photos with police and Repubican politicians, including Ted Cruz and Dan Crenshaw. One notably troubling picture also sees Evans sign a bomb.

People were also quick to acknowledge that his role as superhero Captain America made some contributions. Marvel has long had associations with the military dating back to the comics, and the Pentagon was involved with the development of 2008’s Iron Man.

Rioters at the Capitol were also seen wearing off-brand merchandise that references the third Captain America film, Civil War.

Then there’s the matter of the actor’s political platform. Last year, Evans launched the website A Starting Point, which presents the views of both parties on various issues. With that, he has also been accused of playing to both sides.

Whether Evans is actually aware of the impact you possibly has made remains to be seen.

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