Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo and it sparked the perfect meme

Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo and it sparked the perfect meme

Chris Evans learned a vital lesson in double checking your screen recordings when he accidentally shared an explicit photo on Instagram.

Captain America himself posted a video of his family playing Heads Up on Saturday, which then unfortunately showed a snippet of his camera roll and the nude image in question. Even though he swiftly deleted it, fans were quick to screenshot Evans’ unfortunate slip-up and the image circulated online among millions.

In a surprisingly kind turn of events that will make you believe in humanity again for a moment, fans have attempted to draw attention away from the NSFW photo by urging people to respect his privacy and flooding social media search results with pictures of the actor and his dog, Dodger.

Naturally, as with basically anything on the internet, people recognised the incident’s meme potential immediately.

The actor’s friends and family couldn’t resist getting in on the joke too, as Evans’ Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo and brother Scott Evans both chimed in.

One meme in particular gained a lot of traction, as users replaced the explicit photo with ones of their favourite celebrities, joking that Evans saved a photo of them to his camera roll. If there is anything fans can do, it's create ingenius ways to promote their idol.

Evans undoubtedly deserves respect and privacy, but let’s give our thanks to the internet for turning what is an incredibly mortifying situation for anyone, let alone an internationally famous celebrity, into a rather wholesome one.

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