Chrissy Teigen asks 'wife-bot' Melania Trump what she is doing during the pandemic other than building a 'tennis gazebo'


Chrissy Teigen's never-ending feud with the Trump family is still persisting, even in the middle of a pandemic, which is forcing many into self-isolation.

Although the president has started to change his tone and offer a more robust response to the outbreak, Teigen has taken a shot at Melania Trump, whose silence on the pandemic has been very noticeable.

Even though the first lady has tweeted several times about the coronavirus and the precautions people should be taking, at the start of the month, she was sharing her plans for the construction of a tennis gazebo at the White House while new cases spread quickly across the world (including the US). And anyway, her husband claims he "always knew" it was a pandemic, so surely he told her?

Melania also mentioned in that tweet 'Be Best' an initiative set up by Melania which concentrates on well-being, online safety, and opioid abuse.

Given that basically everyone is in need, help or some reassurance right now, and we've already seen plenty of acts of goodwill, Melania hasn't really said much about spreading positive vibes.

This is what Teigen has taken exception too, when she branded Melania 'wife-bot' and slammed her 'tennis gazebo.'

She then went on to criticise Trump, calling him a "f**king loser wimp" and Melania for seemingly always wearing a cape.

Teigen's tweets, which often attract a lot of attention, even at the best of times, divided many, some of whom thought it was an justified criticism of Melania while some thought that this wasn't the right time to be criticising anyone.

Trump has begun to encourage US citizens to practice social distancing and avoid public gatherings after cases in America move above 6000, with a reported 108 people dying from the disease.

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