Hilary Duff wants millennials to (as her hit song says) “Wake Up” because social gatherings are “So Yesterday”.

The 32 year-old Disney star turned singer (who also falls into the category of a millennial) took to Instagram to share her thoughts on social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said in the video:

[Will we leave the house] again? Maybe. Will we be stuck at home that long? Maybe.

Then came the most scalding hot take:

To all you young millennial a**holes that keep going out and partying: Go home. Stop killing old people, please.

For anyone unaware, current advice from the UK Government is for people to limit their social interaction to avoid spreading COVID-19.

This means not going to places like pubs, restaurants and cinemas where lots of people congregate.

Unfortunately, some people have been ignoring this advice like British tourists on holiday in Spain and college students going out and partying for Spring Break.

Many people took to Twitter to commend the young millennial for calling out her peers:

But some people thought it was unfair to call out millennials:

According to her latest Instagram post, Duff is currently on day five of self-isolation with her family.

She’s posted videos working out in her home gym in her basement with her new husband, Matthew Koma, as well as playing dominoes with her kids and watching the movie Bombshell.

Perhaps she could pop some Lizzie McGuire on the​ TV to pass the time?

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