Former Tory minister Baroness Warsi praises Dave after he called Boris Johnson 'a real racist'

The British rapper Dave won widespread praise on Tuesday evening following his performance at the Brit Awards where he called Boris Johnson "a real racist".

The 21-year-old artist, who also won album of the year, also lashed out at the media for their treatment of Meghan Markle. In a powerful verse from his song "Black", which was serenaded by a piano, the star said:

And if somebody hasn't said it / Equality is a right, it doesn't deserve credit / If you don't wanna get it, then you're never gonna get it / How the news treats Kate versus how they're treating Meghan.

It is racist, whether or not it feels racist / The truth is our prime minister is a real racist.

The moment quickly went viral with many people praising Dave for speaking out against Johnson, who has a been accused on multiple occasions of racism.

As you can imagine the Tories are not too impressed with Dave's assessment of the prime minister with Priti Patel appearing on BBC Breakfast to defend Johnson.

One Tory who did agree with Dave was the former Conservative chairman, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who praised Dave on Twitter calling his performance a "necessary wake-up call" following the controversial appointment and subsequent dismissal of Andrew Sabisky at Number 10 earlier this week.

Warsi's tweet was even mentioned in a segment about Dave's comments on BBC Newsnight.

Warsi, who is a current member of the House of Lords, left her position as a minister in 2014 and has been an outspoken critic of the Conservatives new approach to politics ever since.

Most recently she called the appointment of Priti Patel as home secretary 'disturbing' and accused health secretary, Matt Hancock, of 'whitesplaining' Islamophobia to her.

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