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The actor who plays Stranger Things’ loveable sheriff is going to Antarctica to dance with penguins – and it's all thanks to the power of the retweet.

David Harbour tweeted Greenpeace about the possibility of doing the ‘Hopper dance’ with Emperor penguins in Antarctica.

This is the 'Hopper dance', FYI:

Gif: Netflix 

Greenpeace gave Harbour a target of 200,000 retweets. No doubt a big ask.

But Harbour quickly got to work.

Do you know how long it took to mobilise his 3.5-million-strong followers?

Under. Five. Hours.

He got a personal invite from Fernando, the Chief mate of the Arctic Sunrise expedition to the Antarctic, who said:

I just saw your post in twitter and it’s amazing. So I invite you to come on our ship in Puntarenas in the beginning of February and join our expedition to come to Antarctica and protect the biggest area in the world.

And then, to cement the offer, he did a little Hopper dance of his own at the end of the video.

This isn't the first time Harbour has utilised the retweet button to great effect.

A few weeks ago, he was on the other side of the equation when a student asked him to take her senior photos with her. He only agreed after she received 25,000 retweets.

A man needs his penguins just as much a man needs his ‘nuggs.

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