Demi Lovato was asked what her favourite dish is, her response was beyond spectacular

Demi Lovato either completely missed the point or is gleefully trolling us all.

During a live TV interview, the singer was asked what her favourite dish is.

And her answer? Her answer was truly spectacular.

I like mugs, because they're very comfortable in your hand and they hold hot things that you don't have to touch.

So, you know, coffee or hot tea.

Following the interview, Lovato hit Twitter to defend her comments, insisting we were fools to believe she was being serious.

And if that wasn't convincing enough, she also posted a picture of herself dressed as a human mug tree, just to, you know, hammer home the point.

In all honesty, if we had to chose our favourite "dish", we'd probably go for mugs too.

Mugs are great. And they do hold hot things real nice. Unless you're Barry Burbank.

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