Dennis Quaid has adopted a cat that is also named Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid has adopted a cat that is also named Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid, the star of movies like The Day After Tomorrow and The Parent Trap, has confirmed that he has adopted a cat that is also called Dennis Quaid.

The 66-year-old learned of the cat's existence after watching a news segment on WSLS, a local news station from Virginia which ran a story about the feline's search for a loving home.

The story was part of the stations 'Clear the shelters' initiative and the six-year-old black cat had come into the care of the Lynchburg Humane Society after locals had spotted the animal not looking in the best of shape.

Quaid, who is also a musician and now hosts his own podcast, admitted that he couldn't resist giving the cat Quaid a home after seeing the story. He told WSLS:

It was really off the wall, but I just couldn’t resist. I had to. I’m out to save all the Dennis Quaids of the world.

Although it hasn't been explained how Dennis Quaid the cat got his name, it now sounds like it is going to a good home where he is likely to feature on a pet podcast that Quaid co-hosts with friend Jimmy Jellinek. However, the story sounded too good to be true for the Lynchburg Humane Society who took a while to be convinced that is was the actual Dennis Quaid who was adopted his cat namesake, even going on Zoom to prove that it was him.

Danielle Ulmer, the Lynchburg Humane Society, Adoption Centre Manager told the station:

I was like there is no way this is real, like, someone is pranking us.

Alls well that ends well and Jellinik will be flying from Los Angeles to Lynchburg this weekend to take Dennis Quaid to his new home in Hollywood. Quaid also noted that this could spark a new craze that would see pets adopted by celebrities who have the same name as the critter.

Maybe they should start naming animals in shelters after different celebrities and see who bites.

It appears that Ulmer would agree:

We’ve already talked about that. We’re like alright, so everyone pick your top three favorite celebrities.

So don't be surprised when in a few weeks you see stories like 'Cardi B adopts budgie called Cardi B' or 'Harry Styles gives hamster also named Harry Styles a new home.'

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