Fans are furious at Disney’s ‘embarrassing’ announcement of new films and TV shows

Disney dropped multiple atomic bombs worth of news last night, revealing its upcoming lineup of dozens of new shows and films.

The announcement comes as part of its “Investor Day”, a name which sounds like Comic-Con if it was even more blatantly corporatised. It’s an apparent bid to keep the company’s investors happy, but fans were also invited to the new wave of announcements.

Though, judging by the slate of films and television shows that are slated to hit Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, in the next few years, it seems like all of the investors are children. The company announced plans for 10 Marvel series, 10 Star Wars series and 15 Disney animation, live-action and Pixar series to be released over the next few years.

Among the new titles set to hit streaming and cinemas are an Alien series set on Earth, an Obi Wan Kenobi spin-off and yet another Fantastic Four remake. And that’s just a tiny selection of what’s to come. This list is just very, very long.

Nevertheless, fans were thrilled by the prospect of their favourite titles continuing on for all of eternity.

Of course, it’s a great time to be a Disney fan. If you showed interest in any minor side character in Star Wars, it’s a fair bet to say they will probably get their own Disney+ series at some point. Just ask Cassian Andor from Rogue One. (Remember him?)

On the other hand, only a handful of titles in Disney’s upcoming slate are not sequels, spin-offs or remakes. It’s disheartening, and frankly exhausting, to see the future of entertainment laid out so bluntly, all dictated by intellectual property and franchises without a hint of originality in sight. Did anyone actually ask for another Pinnochio?

For some, franchise fatigue has been hitting them hard, while others are concerned about the stronghold Disney has on the industry and what that means for smaller, non-franchise films.

Consider that Disney potentially has the power to occupy a majority of cinema screens thanks to the sheer content it plans to release. The future is starting to look bleak for everything else.

These announcements have done nothing to qualm people’s fears that Disney is sucking the oxygen out of the entire industry.

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