Disney World compared to Jurassic Park for reopening during pandemic in hilarious mashup video

Moviestore/Shutterstock/Getty Images North America

Disney World reopened its doors to the US public on Saturday, after being forced to close during lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Their main resorts in Florida are now open to the public again despite cases of coronavirus in the state soaring again. However, unlike scenes seen at pubs in the UK, people have been less inclined to return a visit their old friend Mickey Mouse.

It seems kind of absurd that a theme park, of any size, let alone Disney would be reopening in a pandemic but if this year has taught us anything then people are willing to risk anything just to feel some semblance of their old lives. Along with the soaring cases of coronavirus in Florida, which has reported more than 16,000 cases in recent weeks, another alarm bell that should have told people to stay away from Disney was this super creepy video that the entertainment giant released on Saturday of all of its staff members wearing face masks and saying 'welcome back' in an almost robotic, emotionless state.

Videos like this are rife for mockery and parody and we are happy to report that is exactly what has happened. Thanks to the excellent Jurassic Park Updates Twitter account which highlights the absurdity of opening a theme park during a pandemic, the video has been edited to feature some of the more traumatic moments from Steven Spielberg's classic 1993 film as that particular theme park turned into a disaster.

Other parodies of the Disney video have featured riffs on The Shining and Succession but Jurassic Park is by far our favourite. That being said, we sincerely hope that nothing resembling Jurassic Park happens at Disney World and we're pretty sure that washing your hands and maintaining a social distance is a lot easier than running away from a T-Rex.

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