Don't Tell the Bride just had the first woman ever refuse to get married

Don't Tell the Bride just had the first woman ever refuse to get married

A Don't Tell the Bride couple have made history by being the very first couple to decide not to marry.

The Wednesday episode saw Craig attempt to host his wedding in a brewery, rather than Sofia's desired ceremony on a beach, leading to Sofia storming off.

It's the first time in 11 years that a couple haven't gone through with their vows on the show.

Craig said, presumably as he realised the catastrophic error he had made:

She thinks I’m trying to make her look stupid. And I wasn’t. I was trying to make this fun. It’s not a beer festival, it’s a party.

The groom decided to throw an Oktoberfest-themed wedding on the long-running E4 series.

He later told Sofia:

I’m sorry that it’s f***ed up. I f***ed up, I got it wrong.

I wasn’t doing anything against you, I wasn’t trying to make you look silly.

The couple engaged in the first planned ceremony, which involved licking honey off each other's fingers, but decided not to make their marriage legal with the second, official ceremony.

Viewers were told in a title card at the end of the episode that the couple had not married, but were:

Working together on their relationship.

People on Twitter took notice of the momentous occasion:

People also seem to have forgotten the report six months ago that the show is staged for television purposes, and couples marry for legal purposes off-camera.

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