Ellen DeGeneres was 'in tears' as she told staff three top producers are being ousted from her show

Ellen DeGeneres was 'in tears' as she told staff three top producers are being ousted from her show

Ellen DeGeneres was reportedly “in tears” after delivering news that three top producers would be dismissed after reports of toxicity behind-the-scenes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

First reported by Variety, Matt Donnelly tweeted on Monday that DeGeneres is “heartbroken by reports of mistreatment and toxicity, and the show will ‘come back strong’”.

This comes after claims that the work culture behind-the-scenes has been rife with bullying, despite the “be kind” mantra DeGeneres presents on the hugely popular talkshow.

The allegations culminated in July, whenBuzzFeed published a story interviewing former employees who alleged a toxic environment of “racism, fear, and intimidation.” Following the reports, some of the allegations were denied by producers but an investigation was launched by the Warner Brothers network. DeGeneres then apologised in a memo that was leaked to the press and vowed to put things right.

Now, according to Variety, executive producers Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman parted ways with the talkshow.

DeGeneres reportedly apologised in a Zoom call with more than 200 talkshow staffers.

In the call, DeGeneres said that claims she had ordered staff not to look her in the eye were “crazy” and “not true”. She reportedly called herself an “introvert”, and someone who requires her own space.

“Does that mean I’m perfect? No, I’m not,” DeGeneres said. “I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be and try to learn from my mistakes.”

Staffers were also told the 18th season would start on 14 September, quelling rumours that the show might be cancelled.

DeGeneres herself is at the centre of numerous “mean” accusations. Back to the Future star Lea Thompson claimed that the host’s “horrible” behaviour is “common knowledge” in Hollywood.

Some celebrities have to jumped to DeGeneres’ defence, however, like Katy Perry and Kevin Hart.

In an email to staff, the executive vice president of programming at Warner Brothers said the studio was "absolutely committed" to "change and a new culture".

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