Host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert has stitched up Eric Trump and his father Donald (you might know him?) in one incredible impression.

Talking this week, Colbert laid into both the president and his son with regards to Trump senior and his lack of ability to keep any promise

Colbert starts the mini-roast of half of the Trump gang by talking about the allegation that the president was recorded making a promise to 'an unknown foreign leader' which prompted an official whistleblower report.

Colbert goes on to say

Thank God Trump never keeps his promises. Eric is still waiting by the front door to go to Disney World.

He then starts singing his own customised Disney song pretending to be Eric, complete with hilarious facial contortion - 'Hi ho, hi ho, you promised that we'd go.'

Colbert then impersonates Trump himself and mocks the way the president defends himself by constantly contradicting himself.

Due to a cover-up, there is no indication of which foreign leader Trump was talking to, or what he promised them.

Handy then, that Colbert imagined what he might have promised to each world leader, including 'a night of passion with Mike Pence' to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman 'a lifetime supply of press on nails.'

Colbert's game is way more fun than the reality really, isn't it?

You can watch the full monologue in the video below.

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