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We love the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's one of those rare moments in the year where everyone comes together to celebrate unity, crazy pop and Graham Norton.

Seriously, the host for the BBC is one of the reasons to tune into the annual glitterfest.

So, here are 20 of Graham's quotes from Eurovision 2017 taken completely out of context.

They're hilarious.

There's a slight smell of wet dog in the arena.

These are balls... Bouncing around all of the country.

We might have seen a bare bottom earlier in this performance.

There hasn't been a stage invasion, she's a fully trained dancer.

This is like an international version of first dates.

If zombies did aerobics, it would be a bit like this.

When you see him out of that androgynous garb, he's just a kid.

I'm not expert, but that yodelling sounded amazing.

Comedy alert ladies and gentlemen.

It's got everything; a pop tempo, a disco beat and two half naked men splashing about in a paddling pool.

Damn... He mispronounced that in rehearsal. I was ready to apologise.

IF I said this song is rap meets yodelling... You might think that's awful.

He said Swedes not sweets.


My one tip is, don't start looking at his eyebrows, you won't be able to stop.

The next song is from Australia... Let's not get into it.

You know he's done a version where he's half man half drag.

You keep thinking this will make sense in a moment. But no.

She almost went overboard

I can't mock the jackets, we've had worse

'The last few years the semi-finals have weeded out some of the Eurovision lunacy ... But not this year

Never ever change Graham.

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