Florence Pugh has returned to Instagram after Zach Braff controversy in the best possible way

Florence Pugh has returned to Instagram after Zach Braff controversy in the best possible way

The internet’s favourite celebrity chef is back.

After a lengthy hiatus, Florence Pugh has finally returned to Instagram for one of her much-loved offbeat cooking tutorials.

In over 70 videos posted to her Instagram story, the actor demonstrated how to cook a roast chicken and gave tips on how to pick the best potatoes.

Other highlights include Pugh screaming in excitement at her Yorkshire puddings and apologetically shoving herbs up a chicken. The results, unsurprisingly, look delicious.

In past videos, she has shown fans a variety of recipes including marmalade and homemade ice cream from her kitchen.

Her marmalade tutorial even caught the attention of Paddington himself.

The actor returned to Instagram to celebrate her campaign which encouraged US citizens to register to vote.

She teased that if 500 people registered to vote, she would make her long-awaited return to her Instagram cooking tutorials. Fortunately for foodies everywhere, her campaign wildly surpassed her goal, with over 1,700 Americans registering to vote.

It’s been a long time since Pugh’s last cooking tutorial. After posting tutorials regularly last year, her cooking show took a hiatus after she made a statement on her relationship with actor Zach Braff.

When she posted a photo celebrating Braff’s birthday in April, she received a slew of hate comments criticising their age difference. (Pugh is 24, while Braff is 45.) “I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love,” she said in response. “It is not your place and really has nothing to do with you.”

Fans were overjoyed at Pugh’s cooking show making a comeback. Why watch the Emmys when you can witness Florence Pugh make a roast dinner?

At one point, she quoted Shrek’s “onions have layers, ogres have layers” line.

Some eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the actress recently got a Midsommar-themed tattoo.

The actor's cooking videos have delighted fans for its self-deprecating tone along with Pugh's tastefully decorated kitchen. It's also just pretty difficult to not love her.

This is the only Instagram story that should never be skipped.

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