Forget Family Guy: the Simpsons can predict the future

After Family Guy made headlines for predicting Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation the public’s appetite for prophetic cartoons may be a little low – but give us a minute with this one.

It turns out everyone’s favourite yellow-skinned cartoon family has foreshadowed several real life events, including alleged Fifa corruption, the horse meat scandal, NSA surveillance and smartwatches.

The series also reportedly helped Apple employees design the iPhone, as they used it as motivation to avoid the autocorrect errors in the show, and design the touchpad.

While the 9/11 conspiracy claims are mildly overblown, the residents of Springfield have given us some fairly accurate looks into our future, as this video shows.

The Simpsons has long been notorious for beating other shows to great plot lines. South Park even ran an episode in their sixth season called ‘Simpsons Already Did It’ parodying Simpsons plot lines, after finding they would regularly start to write an episode before realising Matt Groening and co. had been there first.

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