Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring in Malcolm in the Middle

Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring in Malcolm in the Middle

Actor Frankie Muniz has talked for the first time about suffering from severe memory loss.

The 31-year-old explained that he hardly remembers starring as the titular Malcolm in Malcolm in the Middle, after enduring nine concussions and several transient ischaemic attacks, or 'mini-strokes'.

The much-loved show ran for seven seasons, from 2000 to 2006, but Muniz explains that his health issues mean that he doesn't "really remember much of that".

Talking on Dancing With The Stars, which he is currently starring in, Muniz said:

It  makes me a little sad.

Things pop back into my mind which I should have remembered. 

He explained that his memory loss is a "weird thing" that has occurred "over the last 10 years".

Muniz added:

It's something I never really talk about... 

It's just my life but we were talking about Malcolm and how it started and I don't really have memories of being on the show.

My memory of being on the show is seeing the episode[s]. 

His girlfriend, Paige Price, helps him by keeping a journal of events.

She writes literally in detail - she's a writer - a journal I can look at any day and it does bring me back. 

She's very supportive. 

The former child actor has enjoyed a varied career from drumming to race car driving.

The internet has kept itself busy spouting theories that the dangerous sport caused his health problems, though Muniz himself doesn't know the cause.

It's not something I looked into

It's just how may brain is, so I thought it was normal.

I didn't know I should remember going to the Emmys. 

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