Further evidence that modern art is rubbish

If you ever needed proof that modern art is devoid of all meaning, relevance and objective value, look no further.

An artist has claimed that her studio sold her carpets, which were splattered with paint, as original pieces.

Angelique Hartigan claims she has sought legal advice after a friend told her the Gipsy Hill workshop in Crystal Palace allegedly attempted to pass off the matting as original artwork.

(Photo: Facebook)

Hartigan primarily paints landscape and exterior scenes with a vivid palette, and is not known for producing anything akin to a paint spattered carpet.

Hartigan told the Evening Standard:

I paint on the floor and I use drips and spills and throw the paint and I’m well known in south London as an artist.

I sent an email immediately to say ‘what are you doing? You didn’t ask me, stop doing this’ and ‘write to the people you have sold them to and find out where they are. I want all the pieces back because I don’t want them out there’.”

The gallery has denied the allegations.

People will buy anything these days, it seems.

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