The Fyre Festival 'blowjob guy' is helping to promote Ryan Reynolds' gin

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In 'news you didn't think you'd read today', Andy King, aka the 'Blowjob Guy' from the Fyre Fest documentary, has now started working with Ryan Reynolds to promote Aviation Gin. Yes, really.

Ryan Reynolds, perhaps best known for his role as Deadpool, decided to feature King in an advertisement for his company, Aviation Gin, which uses the tagline 'Dedication is everything'.

We can see where this is headed...

In the ad, released this week, Reynolds can be heard saying:

Can you ever really go too far for your company?

Ah, that old chestnut. Well, we all know *just* how far King was willing to go for his company.

Next up in the advertisement, Reynolds says:

When Aviation recently suggested making a signature bottle, I committed to blowing every single bottle personally.

The reference wasn't lost on Twitter users.

Taking to Twitter, Reynolds posted the video, with the caption:

Dedication is everything.

Many found it hilarious.

In the original Netflix documentary, King admitted that Fyre Fest founder Billy McFarland asked him to 'take one for the team', when the festival's supply of Evian water was stopped by Bahamian customs.

King then said that he drove home, showered, drank some mouth wash, and was "suck dick for this water problem".

Well, that's dedication!

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