George RR Martin admits he's fallen behind on Game of Thrones

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The creator of the hugely successful series A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones to you and I) has revealed he no longer watches the series because he's just 'too busy'.

Author George RR Martin has penned five titles in the series so far, which have been masterfully transformed into the Game of Thrones television series by the broadcaster HBO.

Another two books in the series are 'forthcoming'.

Since the TV series has now outpaced the books, Martin has remained a consultant on the show, if no longer its principal architect.

The long-running drama has been such a hit that Martin is frequently on tour, and spends much of his time at speaking engagements about the series.

In an interview with Metro, Martin admitted something many lukewarm Game of Thrones fan will know all too well.

Being behind on the series.

We doubt he's 'that guy', the one who asks people not to reveal things from an episode... Because he knows how it ends, but still it must be interesting being behind on your own creation.

In an email to Entertainment Weekly, Martin confirmed that due to travelling he did not watch any television at all, and is therefore behind on the current season.

This was to contradict previous reports in some publications that he did not watch the series anymore.

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