**Warning: major spoilers for Game of Thrones series eight episode five ahead. Don't say we didn't warn you.**

The penultimate Game of Thrones episode was by all accounts one of the most relentless and brutal ever seen on the show.

But once Daenerys had finished turning Kings Landing into [insert any classical depiction of hell], viewers were granted a rare moment of serenity.

As a battered and ash-covered Arya Stark made her way through deserted streets she was greeted by a white horse.

Director Michael Sapochnik dedicated a fairly lengthy scene to the meeting – and the internet has some wild theories.

Things got deep...

...and then even deeper with some added religious intensity...

Which many thought was probably bad news for Daenerys.

There was even talk of Bran starting a multinational corporation.

While others thought it meant Sean Bean had grown hooves.

Some were more bizarre:

But that didn't stop fans from scrambling to find out Emilia Clarke's eye colour

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