This Reddit theory may prove fans are wrong about who won ‘Game of Thrones’


No series finale is ever going to make every viewer happy, but the Game of Thrones ending seems to have outraged more than most.

There's even a petition calling for a complete rewrite of the whole season, and congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren have weighed in to share their disdain for the final episode.

However, one Reddit user seems to think we may have all got it completely wrong.

Someone by the name of AgnostosTheosLogos uploaded a post yesterday entitled "Our boy was King and none of you fucks even noticed", referring to Tyrion Lannister’s brief reign on the iron throne which most viewers may have missed.

The original post now has three edits for clarification, and the user has uploaded a second post which explains the theory in more detail.

Despite the pushback, many people agree with this alternative theory, or are at least willing to consider it.

However, others weren't convinced.

HT: Daily Dot

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