Game of Thrones fans have signed a petition demanding the final season is remade

Game of Thrones fans have signed a petition demanding the final season is remade

The night is dark and full of terrors. But it's not the Night King, the White Walkers or Cersei Lannister givingGame of Thrones fans nightmares in the eighth and final season - it's the show makers themselves.

So much so that more than a quarter of a million fans, at the time of writing, have signed a petition calling for HBO to remake season eight, accusing writers David Benioff and DB Weiss - colloquially known as D&D - of being "woefully incompetent" when they "have no source materials to fall back on".

"This series deserves a final season that makes sense," the originator of the petition 'Dylan D' claims.

WARNING: The rest of this article will contain spoilers up until and including episode five - but you really should've seen it by now anyway.

The ultimate breaking points for the Game of Thrones fandom seem to be, for one, Daenerys Targaryen burning King's Landing to the ground after the city surrendered in most-recent episode 'The Bells'.

A large group of fans have been taking angrily to Twitter to use phrases like "not a satisfying story arc" and "betrayal of character" in relation to Dany scorching the earth after everyone she ever loved either betrayed her or was killed before her very eyes.

This is despite, you know, the character literally burning people alive and consistently threatening to "take what is hers with fire and blood" since season one - and literally threatening to "rule by fear" earlier in that same episode.

Cersei Lannister's death is another big bone of contention, with many not happy that she wasn't hung, drawn and quartered, or slaughtered by Arya Stark.

We kind of think that the most powerful and sinister character in the entire show weeping and begging for her life seconds before her kingdom literally collapses on top of her is quite a fitting way for the proud villain to go, but apparently not everyone agrees.

Arya Stark's decision not to pursue killing Cersei also riled a lot of fans up. In the fifth episode she makes it to the Red Keep before being warned - quite rightly - by The Hound that if she continues on her blood vendetta, she will herself die. Making a quick calculation, Arya seems to accept Cersei's fate is sealed and decide that she'd rather live to see another day.

This really shouldn't have come as a surprise - we've been told time and time again by Arya herself that she's not "no one" - she's not a Faceless Man. The girl has a name and it's Arya Stark of Winterfell and she's quite fond of living, as it turns out. Which after everything that's happened is quite reasonable really.

These all seem like satisfying story arcs to us and quite fitting with the characters' developments over the past few seasons, but hey, if you think you deserve a better ending than the one being dictated by the literal creator of Game of Thrones - George RR Martin quite famously shared his key ending points with D&D years ago, after all - then there's always a petition you can sign.

And if that wasn't enough, the angry Twitter mob are also hitting out at D&D with the one thing that burns hotter than an innocent mother and child being roasted by Drogon's fire - memes.

Lots and lots of memes.




Here's the biggest Game of Thrones spoiler, though: You have a choice. You can sign all the petitions and tweet all you want, or sit back and enjoy the show you've invested years of your life into without trying to overthink it. Either way, it's happening - and it ain't getting remade.

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