Gemma Collins just did another awful interview and it was printed in full

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We regret (or maybe we don't) to inform you that Gemma Collins is at it again.

Just a few days ago the TOWIE star and living embodiment of a meme took part in maybe the best/worst interview ever.

While speaking to Celebs Now, the self-proclaimed 'GC' discovered that the reporter she was talking to hadn't been sent a copy of her new book 'The GC: How To Be A Diva.'

Flabbergasted by this news, Collins proceeded to give a very awkward interview where she basically did nothing but complain.

The magazine printed it in full and it was quite honestly spectacular.

You would think that one interview of that nature would be enough for a person, but remember this is Gemma Collins we are talking about and she is not a regular person.

In an entirely separate interview, presumably on a completely different day, Collins spoke to Best Magazine, once again to promote her book.

Now, whatever is going on on this book tour is something exceptional, because it is producing the kind of content that editors spend years trying to track down.

In a screenshot shared by Jack White, the celebrity content director of Now, Woman's Own and Woman's Weekly, it shows exactly what went down and its one of the rare cases when the sequel is better than the original.

Here is a rundown of our personal highlights of the interview.

Gemma starting the interview like this:

You have 10 minutes tops, babe. I'm on my way to a meeting.

Gemma beginning every question with the instruction:


The way Gemma abruptly ending the interview:

What magazine are you from again?

No, FORGET IT, move on to the next interview, please...

Impeccable stuff.

It's also worth pointing out this extract from Gemma's book about being rude and a diva.

Being a diva is never about being rude. 

I am not rude - never have been...

Ride people with no manners need to be ignored...

Although we sincerely hope that nothing like this ever happens to us, we've gotta admit that it is pretty funny.

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