Glass: The actor who plays Samuel L Jackson's mother is five-years younger than him

The new M Night Shyamalan movie Glass, starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson opens in cinemas this weekend.

The film serves as a sequel to both the 2017's Split and the 2000's Unbreakable, both directed by Shyamalan.

It sees the respective characters from both of those movies come together in this psychological superhero movie.

One character that has been brought back is 'Mrs. Price', played by Charlayne Woodard, the mother of Elijah Price, the character played by Samuel L. Jackson.

That doesn't seem problematic but it is when you realise that Jackson is 70-years-old, whereas Woodard is only 65-years-old.

This weird fact has unsettled some people whilst others began to point at similar cases from throughout movie history.

As many pointed out this is just a case of actors 'acting' but it also showed some consistency between Unbreakable and Glass as Woodard played Jackson's mother in flashback sequences in the original movie.

As one person pointed out, a bigger problem is that Woodard's character doesn't even have a full name.

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