How to respond to people who complain they can't use racist language

How to respond to people who complain they can't use racist language

A clip from the TV series The Good Fight has gone viral as an example of a powerful response to anyone who tries to justify using racist language.

In a scene that was shared with no context from episode six, season two of the CBS show actor Delroy Lindo, appears on a US news talk show that could easily have been something from Fox News.

In the clip, the host of the show, asks Lindo's character, an attorney by the name of Adrian Boseman, if there can be racism to white people in a segment called "Is racism a one-way street?"

During the discussion one of the other panelists says:

I see racism against whites every day. Every single day. Yet, I’m a racist for pointing that out?

The host of the show then chimes in.

I think Chuck is pointing out a double standard here. Take hip-hop. We’ve talked about this on the show before.

You have African-American rappers saying N-word this and N-word that, but a caucasian can’t.

At this point, Lindo's character is visibly furious and challenges them to say the word on television that they think they should be allowed to say.

So, say it. Say the word you want to say.

The confused host and panelists object say that they cannot possibly say something like that on television but he continues to egg them on and even offers to say it with them.

Sure you can. Say it right now… I will say it with you.

At this point, the scene ends but if you were unfamiliar with the show you might think that this was a real clip from the news, which many on Twitter evidently were, or maybe they just appreciated how powerful it was, after it was viewed more than 5.2 million times after being shared on the website on Saturday.

Even if it was scripted and played out by actors there is no escaping just how perfect this response is to anyone who advocates for the use of racist language.

You can view the entire scene in the video below.

Season four of The Good Fight is due to premiere on 9 April.

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