GMB viewers stunned after appearing to spot a ‘big cat’ on show

GMB viewers stunned after appearing to spot a ‘big cat’ on show

A bizarre moment appeared to happen on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain when viewers believed that they spotted a ‘big cat’ in the background of one segment of the show.

The moment occurred just before 8 am, during a segment where presenter Andi Peters was in a boat on a lake in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire – as you do – and attempted to show viewers a swan.

Although he did capture the bird on camera, he also ended up showing them something far more unexpected.

As the lens zoomed in, a dark beastly figure started moving behind the swan, which some viewers believed to be one of the mysterious ‘big cats’ that you often hear about in local news.

Peters and his colleagues in the studio didn’t see the creature in the background of the shot, but many viewers started contacting the show, and Peters himself, to claim that they had seen something behind the swan.

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Erron Gordon, the series/launch director for GMB, said that he had debated with several of his colleagues and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a big cat at all, but a dog.

Addressing the claims, Peters later said that viewers had spotted a “black shaped creature on the banks that then walked off.” He continued: “We’ve had a look around for you guys. We can’t see anything but you all spotted something on the shores. Could it have been someone walking a dog? The word ‘wolf’ has been used. I cannot confirm or deny.”

Peters joked that you “don’t get this sort of stuff on Countryfile” and that he and the crew will continue looking for the creature.

Big cat? Dog? Wolf? Yeti? It would appear the verdict is still out.

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