Gordon Ramsay’s latest TikTok responds cook who posted a video of a cake shaped like his face

Gordon Ramsay’s latest TikTok responds cook who posted a video of a cake shaped like his face

Gordon Ramsay was not impressed by an amateur baker who tried to make his face out of cake.

The celebrity chef described Amanda Cooper’s creation as looking more like a “90-year-old Guy Fieri” than like him.

As he watched her decorate the cake, he said:

“What is that? Hold on a minute. It’s starting to look a little bit like Flavour Town. Hold on. No, stop it. Stop it, that looks like a 90 year-old Guy Fieri. Really?!”

Cooper caught Ramsay’s attention by posting a video of her decorating the cake to TikTok under the hashtag #ramsayreacts.

Ramsay is well known on the app for his brutal reactions to cooks’ creations: recently, he tore into Michelin-starred chef Matthew Kirschner’s attempt at making a “radioactive burger”, for instance.

Ramsay has even critiqued one of Cooper’s cakes before: back in August, she uploaded her first attempt at recreating Ramsay in cake form. Needless to say, it didn’t go down well either.

In a video watched by more than 24 million people, Ramsay said:

“Oh Lord, no. My darling you’ve got the wrong Scot, that looks like Gerry Butler. Or my Granddad and he died 10 years ago.”

In an interview with Insider, Cooper said she was “thrilled” to have been roasted by Ramsay.

“Even though he roasted me, I was ecstatic. I watched him on TV growing up since I was a kid, and he noticed something I made!”

She told the publication that she hopes to “open an unconventional and fun bakery” one day because she loves “baking and making people laugh”. In the meantime, she’ll keep posting her creations to @bakingthursdays alongside studying computer science at Columbia University.

Cooper also hinted at a third Ramsay-cake creation attempt, joking that “the third time’s a charm”.

But will the famously hard-to-please chef finally be impressed? Somehow we doubt it.

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