Gordon Ramsay roasts TikTok chef for ‘tacky’ and ‘radioactive’ burger covered in blue corn chips

Gordon Ramsay roasts TikTok chef for ‘tacky’ and ‘radioactive’ burger covered in blue corn chips
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Gordon Ramsay is already known for his brutal reactions to other people’s food and yet people keeping asking for his opinion. Recently, the celebrity chef went viral after he roasted a chef who made a “radioactive” burger on TikTok.

For his ‘RamsayReacts’ series on TikTok, the Michelin-starred chef watched as Michigan cook Matthew Kirschner made a ‘Takis burger’ — an unusual recipe that involves brightly coloured corn chips and a deep fat fryer. Kirschner, who has 70k followers on TikTok, has been “putting weird things inside burgers” for the last 20 days to get Ramsay’s attention and he certainly did.

“Oh you’ve got my attention,” said Ramsay in the video which has been watched more than 11 million times. Ramsay appeared flabbergasted when Kirschner presented a blue burger that appeared “radioactive.”

“That is just tacky,” exclaimed Ramsay before calling the chef a “doughnut.”

Gordon Ramsey roasts TikTok chef

The recipe involves crumbling bright blue chips in between two beef patties. After seasoning and egg washing, the burger is covered in more takis to “give it a nice crunch to the outside.” It’s then dipped into the deep fat fryer.

"Dude, right now I want to stick your head in the deep fat fryer, you doughnut!" Ramsay responded, clearly not impressed.

It seems fans can’t get enough of Ramsay’s rants.

“The second I saw the takis I knew it was gonna be funny,” said one viewer in the comments.

Although, some people would be keen to do a taki burger taste test…

“Not gonna lie, it seems like it would be good,” commented another fan.

While a hilariously scathing review, Matthew Kirschner was overjoyed that Ramsay roasted his Takis burger recipe.

In a separate video, he thanked Ramsay and promised fans he would keep making his unusual burgers.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gordon Ramsay has roasted someone’s cooking skills. ‘RamsayReacts’ has seen the chef rack up a massive TikTok following with more than 18 million followers on the social media platform.

From roasting home-cooks “dry” turkey dinners to “idiot sandwiches”, it seems no meal is safe.

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