10 of Gordon Ramsay’s most hilariously brutal TikTok reviews

10 of Gordon Ramsay’s most hilariously brutal TikTok reviews

Gordon Ramsay is known (and feared) for his brutal honesty.

In various TV shows, he’s reduced chefs to tears with his vicious takedowns as he frequently hurls insults at prospective cooks in the name of making a perfect dish. You could say he has the sharpest tongue in the culinary world.

But on TikTok, budding young chefs are basically demanding Ramsay to critique their work. Ever since the renowned culinary star joined the platform, he’s become known for commenting on disastrous cooking videos, often going viral for expressing his disgust.

Albeit in a more kid-friendly manner for an app that’s mostly popular with younger teens, so no vicious swearing here.

Ramsay has been fairly prolific on TikTok so far, reacting to all sorts of wild recipes. (And giving out the rare compliment!) His pivot to TikTok also birthed his favourite SFW insult, “you donut”.

With that, we’ve compiled some of his  most hilarious and brutal reviews. Clearly, he’s a tough critic to please.

Hedgehog Chicken

This recipe seemingly starts off well, as a whole chicken is coated in seasoning. 

But things suddenly start taking a turn for the worse when the user starts sticking dozens of cocktail sticks into a whole chicken. 

“Performing acupuncture on a chicken?” Ramsay asks confused. “You’re supposed to cook it, not prick it.” 

Sometimes methods just don’t need to be changed.

Sugar Mozzarella Sticks

Ramsay’s very first ‘duet’ video was with this horrifically unappetising take on mozzarella sticks. 

Instead of breadcrumbs, the cheese is coated in American cereal Fruity Pebbles, and the chef balks at the sugary overload. 

To make matters worse, the ‘dip’ is replaced with marshmallow sauce.

Steak Cake

If there’s anything you can glean from Ramsay’s TikTok, it’s that he has very strong feelings about the right and wrong way to cook a steak. 

A steak wedding cake with bacon roses and mashed potato icing? Very wrong

“Wedding cake?” he joked. “That should be served at the divorce proceedings, you donut!”

Steak Cage

Another sin against meat? Cooking steak in a cage. The chef didn’t take too kindly to the odd device, describing it as looking like his “grandma’s hip replacement”.

In fairness, that’s no way to cook a steak.

Rib Steak

Another steak! 

Ramsay’s critiques are at their harshest when it comes to meat, evidenced by this scathing takedown of one person’s attempt at cooking a rib cap steak, which the chef describes as his favourite cut. 

The chef was especially unhappy with the seasoning, as the steak has enough salt to rival an ocean. 

“Looks like an episode of Narcos!” he yells incredulously.

Breakfast Baguette

Ramsay has reacted to quite a few odd sandwiches during his time on TikTok, but his most scathing reviews have involved hollowed out bread. 

In this version, the person hollows out a baguette, fills it with baked beans and cheese, and tops it with ham and HP sauce. 

With Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ playing in the background, the chef also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the king of cranberry juice himself.

Another Breakfast Sandwich

The just-as-evil twin to the breakfast baguette is this breakfast loaf, which Ramsay was similarly not a fan of. 

Every new ingredient just gets worse, with the final reveal resembling “miniature coffins” according to TikTok’s resident culinary master.

Cheeto Burger

Gordon Ramsay knows how to make a good burger, but this Cheetos-stuffed cheeseburger is not one of them. “If that’s a burger, I’m turning vegan!” he jokes.

Thanksgiving Turkey

To commemorate Thanksgiving, the chef went out into the snowy wilderness and reacted to one unique approach to cooking a turkey. 

In the video, the “French muppet” (to quote Ramsay) attempts to marinade his turkey in a Guinness brine with a strange homemade contraption. Guinness is too bitter for a turkey, Ramsay argues, while the end result does not live up to his standards. 

“That turkey looks drier than the Sahara,” he captioned the post.

Hotel Dining

In a surprising turn of events, Ramsay has been known to dish out a compliment every once in a while. 

He praised one chef’s beef brisket and this another’s braised ribs, but maybe the strangest time he showed off his kinder side was reacting to one user’s interpretation of a hotel dinner: chicken cooked on an iron with asparagus heated up in a coffee maker.

Surely, it must be the biggest culinary sin, but Ramsay didn’t seem to mind. “To be honest, that looks like some decent food,” he said. “Certainly some of the best food I’ve seen in any hotel.”

HIs fans were shocked to say the least. “Who are you and what have you done to Gordon Ramsay?” one incredulous user commented.

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