Graham Norton was forced to tell celebrities to stop talking about ‘how much they enjoyed lockdown’
Youtube screenshot The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon December 2020

Graham Norton made an appearance with fellow talk show host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to discuss the problems of hosting a television show during a pandemic.

On The Tonight Show, Norton – who hosts The Graham Norton Show – first explained the blunders associated with WFH in the television business: "I did not get into show business to put on my own mic," he joked to Fallon.

Working remotely, he said, was “awful” and “so boring”.

Norton said his show, – which is normally about 45 minutes long – took seven hours to shoot remotely the first time, which he said was mostly his fault because he ‘did not know what he was doing’.

Norton then asked Fallon if he has a similar experience of having to “to the celebrities to stop talking about how much they enjoyed lockdown?”

As they both laughed, Norton explained celebs might say, “‘Oh I’m so loving it, I get to go to the gym’ – it’s like ‘what gym? The gym is closed!’”

He added people bragging about other home amenities – like people cooking for them, and at-home movie theatres – was a bit too much.

“You know ‘they prepared dinner’... who is they? is that your mother’s preferred pronoun?” he said.

Fallon changed the subject, and mentioned he had annoying experiences where guests would share a serious, emotional story but their screens would freeze and he would have to ask them to go back and do it all over again.

Many celebrities have faced accusations of thoughtlessness and being tone-deaf throughout the pandemic, by either showing off their luxurious homes on social media, or completely flouting Covid rules while the rest of us endure the restrictions while paying expensive rent.

Shout out to Graham for calling them out.

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