People loved Hannah Gadsby's take on the problem with men at the Emmys

Earlier this year, comedian Hannah Gadsby earned acclaim not only for making us laugh, but also for making us think critically about the role of stand-up comedy in today's society.

Critics praised her for "forcing comedy to confront the #MeToo era"; she did the same last night when she stepped on stage in front of a room filled with men and then proceeded to drag them.

Despite only being on stage for a few minutes, her short speech managed to steal the show - or at least according to social media.

"This is not normal," Gadsby smiled as she stepped on stage, continuing:

The world's gone a bit crazy.

For somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere, to get this free gig - free suit, new boots - just because I don't like men.

As the crowd erupted into laughter and applause she stopped and responded with a follow-up:

That's just a joke of course. Just jokes fellas, calm down!

Gadsby then spawned the hashtag we never knew we needed:


It is just jokes, but what are jokes these days? We don't know. Nobody knows what jokes are, especially not men - am I right, fellas?

The short speech led to an avalanche of praise online, with many claiming that Gadsby looked at ease on stage - in fact, some said she should have been chosen to host the ceremony. Others called on producers to consider her for next year.

Others praised her willingness to hold men accountable and flip the sexist double standards which have told women for centuries that they're just not funny.

And some just thought we should give her everything.

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