Is Harry Styles really in Star Wars? Here's what we know

Is Harry Styles really in Star Wars? Here's what we know

Harry Styles’s dress sense is so great that it's often like he's from an uber-fashionable galaxy far, far away.

But now fans are wildly speculating that the British music icon has made an appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Why do so many people think this?

It all started when Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, dropped a potential Star Wars spoiler on Twitter.

The tweet features photos of Prince Harry and Prince William, Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy, who have all appeared as Stormtroopers in previous episodes. But a fourth picture featured Harry Styles, also dressed in Stormtrooper garb.

Could it be true?

Well, the photo of Styles that Hamil tweeted is from a costume he wore to a party with Kacey Musgravesand Maggie Rogers, so Hamill might just be being a tease. But this hasn’t stopped fans from wildly speculating that he’s in the film.

How will we know for sure?

Hamill tweeted to call his previous tweet a "spoiler", so it seems pretty legit. But if Styles is in the film, it’ll be most likely that he’ll be in costume. So unless he officially lets the cat out of the bag, his involvement might remain a mystery.

To find out the truth, we might have to use the force.

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