If you thought Jeremy Clarkson's fans were intense, wait till you see Zayn Malik's

After five years, Zayn Malik has decided to leave One Direction to "become a normal 22-year-old", the band has announced.

Just as the world was getting to grips with Jeremy Clarkson's departure from the BBC, the boyband released a statement on their Facebook page explaining that despite the split, the other four members will continue to tour the world and look forward to recording their next album.

The news was met, unsurprisingly, with hysteria.

There were a lot of CAPITAL LETTERS:

Lots and lots of capital letters.

And lots of crying emojis.

People just couldn't accept the truth.

Or stop feeling pure shock.

Others made botched 'direction' jokes.

Some were very sincere in their analysis.

Some lashed out.

Some were just confused by the whole thing.

While the Department for Work and Pensions weighed in with the worst tweet ever written.

But it was left to this man to point out the obvious conspiracy.

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