Introducing the ghosts of the art gallery

Introducing the ghosts of the art gallery

Photographer Andrés Wertheim was visiting an art gallery in Amsterdam when he became aware of the fact many paintings were being ignored by visitors.

He decided to capture the isolated feeling of the artworks with a series of double exposure images he named The Museum's Ghosts.

"I was at the Rijksmuseum and there was a crowd standing in front of Rembrandt's The Night Watch, while almost nobody was looking at the other gorgeous paintings hanging on the nearby walls," he told via email.

"Then I melted them with the unobserving public by means of a double exposure. This is how the series began two years ago."

He has taken photographs at several museums in Europe and his hometown Buenos Aires, and plans to keep going, although he's not sure whether the series speaks to how the way people consume art is changing.

"My aim is just to create a theatrical, surreal, oniric [post-modern] sensation based on the situations that I may find in the museums between the visitors and the painted characters," Wertheim added.

All photos via kind courtesy of Andrés Wertheim

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