James Gunn ignites feud with popular YouTuber after saying she 'spouts bulls**t'

James Gunn ignites feud with popular YouTuber after saying she 'spouts bulls**t'
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The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has 'eviscerated' YouTube pop culture commentator Grace Randolph after she made a dig at tow of his most recent projects.

For those who don't know Randolph is a popular YouTuber who reviews movies and television shows and is the most watched female reviewer on the platform, with more than 900,000 subscribers.

Despite her popularity, Randolph has a reputation for speaking her mind and perhaps rubbing people up the wrong way, which any critic has the right to do. It's just their opinion, right?

However, a recent video she made hyping the forthcoming movies of 2023 didn't sit too well with Gunn, whose third Guardians of the Galaxy movie is set to be released next year.

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In the video Randolph suggested that there had been a "less than stellar reception to The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker," despite the consensus stating otherwise.

Peacemaker starring John Cena proved to be an unlikely critical and audience hit and has already been commissioned for a second season, meanwhile, The Suicide Squad was seen as a vast improvement on the original, despite failing to make its budget back at the box office.

When a Twitter user pointed out to Gunn what Randolph had said about those two efforts he replied: "The earth revolves around the sun, mothers love their children, & Grace Randolph will spout bulls**t"

Many thought that Gunn's clap back was pretty spot on.

Others weren't so impressed.

This isn't the first time the two have locked horns. Back in September 2021, Gunn called out Randolph for claiming that the Batman villain Bane, was going to be in Peacemaker, something that never happened.

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